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08 July 201411:48AMeurope-2014travel

Sometimes things look better with a filter.

Barcelona, for example, is one of those things, and the filter is Quartz from Nokia Creative Studio.

some kinda arch?

some kinda building?

some kinda pier?

some kinda apartment guy?

Madrid is another one of those things, and the filter is Grace's utter love for this city.

(Context: Grace did a six month exchange to Madrid in 2011 and is acting as guide and translator)

I would probably never have bothered with Madrid. It's just totally, entirely not on my radar. And I suspect that if I had come here on my own I would not have got much out of it.

Having someone who loves a place, who can share memories from there, who can make recommendations and translate snippets, can totally change its character the same way that it changes its character at night.

It's nice to share someone's rose tinted glasses, to help you see past the grime and the beggars to the sun and the architecture and the parks.

It's nice to have someone who floats between tourist and local, who knows their way around, but still has things they haven't seen.

It's nice to listen to someone banter with waiters and frozen yoghurt vendors so fluently. It's nice to have someone to teach you how to order yourself a ham sandwich.

(Oh god, these sandwiches are just the best thing ever, seriously.)

It's nice to see somewhere through someone else's eyes for a change. Especially when that somewhere is somewhere important to them.

I think I you one for this, Grace. Thank you.

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