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"Los Bocodillos"

07 July 201411:33AMeurope-2014travel

A short play in three acts

Act One

GRACE and ROCKY are at the HAM SHOP.

GRACE: Rocky, you should try a bocadillo.

ROCKY: Uh, okay.

GRACE: Un bocadillo con jamon, por favor.

Act Two

ROCKY is at the HAM SHOP. GRACE can be seen making encouraging nods in the background.

ROCKY: Hola. Un boca- bocadilla? Con, hamon, por favore, gracias.

THE SHOPKEEPER hands ROCKY a ham sandwich.

Act Three

There is a look of recognition in the SHOPKEEPER's face.

ROCKY: Cinquo bocodillos por favore.


this has been an alarming proportion of my diet here in

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