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Pub Crawls and the Ethics of Walking Tours.

04 July 201410:09AMeurope-2014travel


So we picked up a free walking tour the other day, which was basically a three hour long walk around the important parts of the city with fairly lengthy explanations.

(This was actually before the museum with the bog people, but sort of did that first because I found it fascinating.)

It was actually a lot of fun, and we really dug the guide although I'm not sure the rest of the group did. It sort of turned into a potted version of Ireland's exceptionally colourful history. He didn't shy away from talking about politics and religion either, which was refreshing, because it's something of a taboo topic amongst most Irish.

I reckon the highlight was the outline of the Viking settlement that's outside Christ Church Cathedral and the touristy but nonetheless fun lying on imaginary Viking beds with a bunch of strangers.

I'm just not sure about the ethics of the thing. We were asked very politely to tip what we felt the tour was worth. While we tipped about 10 euros each, because we liked it a lot, a lot of the rest of the group tipped almost nothing, or nothing. And given that the tour company probably takes a cut, it didn't really leave the poor guy with much for his efforts.

Then again, maybe not. We did buy their pub crawl and their tour to Howth. I feel a bit silly about basically locking ourselves in to a single company's offerings, but they basically checked off my list of things I really wanted to do while I was here, and it seemed like a much easier option than trying to organise it ourselves-

Wait, pub crawl?



That happened.

I don't really have that much to say about it. It was loads of fun. There was a lot of banter with one particular Irish bloke, who was a friend of the tour guide, who trashed Grace's Irish accent and in return had his Aussie accent dismantled. We met some more tourists as well, including one Australian goldfish farmerengineer. And I got possibly the most intoxicated I've ever been in my life, which is still not very much, and possibly not something you should admit to on the public internet, but if there's one place you should do something like that, it's a pub crawl in Dublin. I'm not sure that I'll ever do it again - certainly not soon - but I'm very glad I did.

(I'll try to dig out the list of pubs and post 'em in the comments, just for posterity.)

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