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See you later, London.

01 July 201402:34PMeurope-2014travel

I'm on a plane right now, and I had to get up pretty early to get on that plane, so this is gonna be short.


Somehow between all the packing and cleaning we found time to do to things yesterday.

Thing one was the War Rooms. My one overriding thought about the War Rooms is that I wish I'd had more time in there, especially in the Winston Churchill museum. It's such a cool setup, inside a really neat bit of history. A couple of highlights:

Then we saw Wicked. This is one of those things that I would probably never have done on my own, but I really enjoyed it. I don't know that I've ever been to a proper musical before, especially not one as famous and popular as this. At least a part of it was the experience of going to a show, but also the show itself was very, very good. Not that I know about these things. Everyone else seems to know a lot though, and I think they're in agreement that it was pretty decent. It really made me realise how much the structure of things like Frozen, and I guess Disney movies in general, owe to musicals.

Also my green tie accidentally coordinated with the show, which was kinda cool.

Things I forgot to mention.

What I thought.

I like London. As a place, it's probably like a 7/10. It's really, really big, which makes it a total pain to get around, and it's kind of, well, grimy. And a little expensive. I don't know that I could live there.

As a place to visit though - awesome. So much cool stuff in one place. It's really a place you go for the cool stuff which is there, rather than for the experience of the place itself.

I think my favourite bits were Greenwich, Stonehenge, and the Natural History Museum. It's a dorky top three, but I'm sticking with it.

If I was going to come back, I'd spend longer here, and just devote an entire day to each museum. Maybe combine it with more train-y day trips out into the country, and maybe sneak up to Scotland for a bit as well.

That's next time though. Because as of right now, we're in Ireland baby.

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