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...and we're back!

21 September 201412:31PMcode

Back, and better than ever. And not just back from Europe, either.

If you've tried to visit the site in the last, oh, 24 hours or so, you were probably greeted with this:


That's because I've been in the process of upgrading this site to blogtools 2, my self-written blog engine that's so crap that it doesn't even deserve a capital letter.

There are relatively few front-facing improvements in this version - just about the only one that you'll notice is that comment boxes now support Markdown for your formatting pleasure. On my end, though, it's much easier to maintain and extend.

The code is available under the MIT license - that means you can not just look at it, but build your own stuff with it too - and you can find it at

Thanks for your patience and attention!

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