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Blue Fan

17 November 201404:59AMdnd

Blue Fan is a trainee samurai who lives inside my head. He inhabits a virtual universe whose computing substrate is James' brain and a lot of graph paper. But Blue Fan doesn't know or care about this.

Blue fan likes protecting and serving his Emperor, and spending time with his horse Solo. He dislikes men who are without honour, and raw fish. In his spare time, he enjoys writing haikus.

Last night Blue Fan's master sent him to complete a task. Afterwards, he wrote these haikus about it.

a hole in the heart
the presence of an absence
waves crashing on reef

fractured hull bent mast
kelp fronds waving in the tide
cold grips one's ankles

far too many legs
sashimi falling softly
on sloping deck

time slows to a crawl
sword flowing like steel waterfall
crab meat slides down walls

perhaps it is i
who should not be fishing
in pools of gnashing teeth

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