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I've been wearing the same shirt since Tuesday...

13 November 201402:45PMlife

...and the same socks since yesterday. But that's okay, it's a pretty cool shirt.

It feels like the end of a weekend, even though it's Thursday.

I had a picnic with cheese and cider by the river and then was driven in the back seat of my own car for the first time. I mentally rearranged someone else's front room. I got a haircut. I spent four hours fretting about a one-hour tutoring session, which I actually totally nailed - turns out I can teach maths after all. I stayed up until four in the morning playing Kerbal Space Program and watching ESA land on a comet, and slept on a couch. Man, I can't even remember the last time I stayed up until four playing video games and then slept on a couch. I made pancakes and bought James maple syrup for his birthday and solved Haydn's rocketry problem with a pencil lead and then napped on the couch for about four hours and cooked green chicken curry for dinner.

Screw it - I don't care that it didn't happen over Saturday and Sunday, this is the most interesting weekend I've had in a very long time.

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