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17 April 201511:18AMusa-2015travel

I am giving this its own post because it is just such an absurd story.

We booked ourselves basketball tickets a few months ago because, hey, you don't go to the states without seeing at least one sports match, right? We grabbed some fairly rubbish seats at Madison Square Garden for the New York Knicks vs. the Detroit pistons, because it was at about the right time and in about the right place.

We show up, and there's a queue out the door. Something is up. As we head inside, the guy at the (very cursory) security check tells us that it's the last game of the season, and that as such, all food and soft drinks are free for the night. Not only that, but there are merch people handing out Knicks hats to every single person who walks past.

So at this point we are giggling like idiots in our new favourite team's hats, as we stroll past kiosk after kiosk having free food and drink almost literally thrown at us.

We get to our seats and it turns out that the view isn't actually all that bad:

a little bit birds-eye, but pretty great

And also that the Knicks and the Pistons, according to the highly entertaining die-hard fans to our right, are just about the worst teams in the NBA, and not only that, they are probably playing to lose in order to improve their draft picks for next season.

What followed was without a doubt the worst, and most entertaining, game of basketball you could possibly wish for. They missed shots. They missed passes. They ran out the timers more times than anyone could count.

At half time, some enormous bank brought a guy out of the crowd to take some shots, and he preceded to miss every single one, before making the $10,000 throw from half court.

During a time-out, they inexplicably held an awards ceremony for some famous sports photographer.

And the whole time this little bunch of die-hards next to us was floating somewhere between commentating and heckling.

It was bloody fantastic. I think I'm a Knicks fan for life.

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