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Choose your weapon.

05 April 201501:52PMlife

I cycled to work today. And just like every other time I get on my bike these days, I remember how much I enjoy it. And by extension, how big the gap is between enjoying something and merely not minding something - in this case, driving.

This isn't exactly a new development. I biked to uni pretty much every day. And to high school every day before that. And before that, a couple of years of primary school too. But cars have this really insidious way of inserting themselves into your life. Because they're just very slightly better than bikes in a lot of ways. They're faster, and they have a larger carrying capacity, and you can arrive somewhere without being slightly red-faced.

But fuel is crazy expensive. And traffic is a nightmare, especially on weekdays, and especially near my place.

(Hey - here's an idea. Instead of issuing school kids with iPads, give them Raspberry Pis instead, and use the money you've saved to also give them all a free bike. Then we can usher in the all-cycling, all-programming high-school master race, and remove approximately a billion cars from the roads in the mornings at the same time.)

Which is why I'd usually take the train. But Sundays the first train in to the city doesn't come past until after I need to be at work - probably because the trains have to actually get out to Freo first. And it ends up being a choice between a 30-minute cycle and a 20-minute drive.

I read this Wired article the other day about a key rack that essentially has a bit of a tantrum and throws your bike key on the ground every time you take your car somewhere. And while the guy has some interesting ideas about harnessing the power of annoyance to drive change, I think it's a lot simpler than that. I reckon it's as simple as actually presenting yourself with that choice in the first place. I have exactly one data point to go on with this, but for the few months that I had both keys on my keyring, I barely rode my bike at all. As soon as I split them off and made that decision a little more conscious, I actually found myself taking my bike places. Granted, it helped that I actually cleaned the thing up and brought it back around to my place from my mum's garage, but I maintain that that wouldn't have happened without that constant cascade of tiny decisions.

I was just using a hook for this, but it got a bit cluttered. I re-purposed the back side of a name tag from a job I got unceremoniously fired from by text message (not my fault - they lost their contract). So now I have two nifty little magnets to stick my keys to. And maybe it's just that I want to play with my new magnetic toy, but actually kinda I'm finding I look forward to that choice a little more every morning.

it's dangerous to go alone. take one of these.

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