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Intrepid Explorers

17 April 201510:24AMusa-2015travel

How to make a kickass museum:

  1. Take an aircraft carrier. like this one here
  2. Put a space shuttle on top. like so.
  3. Add a Concorde... concorde
  4. ...a supersonic Cold-war era spy plane... blackbird
  5. ...a Gemini capsule you can actually sit in... I would love to play spaceteam on this.
  6. ...and the helicopter that inspired Harold the Helicopter from Thomas the Tank Engine. Fat controller not pictured.
  7. Then just to top things off, include a Lego model of the aircraft carrier you are standing inside on its own hangar deck. Fat controller not pictured.

For bonus points, really get your adrenaline running first with some (surprisingly decent) coffee and donuts from a car wash, followed by a terrifying ride through rush-hour New York on a very wonky death-trap of a bike share bike.

don't tell the travel insurance company, 'kay?

Yeah, this was a good day.

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