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The Story So Far

11 April 201506:53AMusa-2015travel

Huh? Why the heck are we in New York? When did that happen?

Gather 'round children, and I will tell you my tale.

It all started in November last year, when Grace and I went out for coffee and bagels, because she wanted to try this Typika place down the street.

About half way through breakfast, the subject of New York came up, and how they had pretty good coffee and bagels there, and wouldn't it be funny if we actually went there sometime.

One thing led to another, and we ended up staring down the barrel of a set of return flights, for almost exactly three weeks in April, for the eminently reasonable price of $1200 each.

We looked at each other. This hypothetical situation was getting real very quickly. It was at this stage that I called my mum for some sage life advice, who said - and I quote - "You might be dead in five years."

We booked the flights that afternoon.

I don't know where the idea to not tell anyone came from. I think a part of it was just not wanting to tell anyone yet, which sort of... escalated, to not telling anyone until we were actually there. I've got to admit, this was a little bit for my own amusement, and I'm really sorry if it's caused anyone any distress in that department.

Your reactions were solid gold though. 100% worth it.

So, full disclosure - we left at 8:30am on Friday, April 10th, flying through Guangzhou and LAX. We're in New York for a bit, then we're taking a bus to Boston, driving to DC, and flying back to New York via Niagara falls before heading back, once again through China, to Perth, by about May 3rd. Ish.

As usual, I will be blogging the whole thing, and if you're so inclined you can follow them right here. Stay tuned, everyone.

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