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The Retrospective

04 May 201512:42PMusa-2015travel

Dear Blog,

There comes a time in every young affluent Western Australian's life when Europe loses its exotic lustre, and he yearns for something greater. Braver. Freer.

I write to you now from the bottom of the deep pit of crushing, almost existential boredom that comes from not being in America any more. The knowledge that there is nothing immediately cool and fascinating and novel waiting for me outside my door, that I will have to actually put in effort to have an adventurous and satisfying day, is emotionally crippling.

Already I plot my return.

At least the tea is better here at home though. Mmmm.


That plane flight was ungodly bad. Guangzhou airport is as close to actual purgatory on earth as I think it's possible to get. I swear on my life that I will never willingly go there again. Unless there are, like, really really cheap flights.

The list of items I will never travel without has now expanded to include blue-tack, Australian five-cent pieces, a pair of black sneakers, Vegemite, and sleeping pills. Each of these is associated with a colourful tale which you should ask me about over the coming weeks. Except maybe the sleeping pills. I think that's pretty obviously related to the previous point, and I have nothing to add beyond "they work."

We did look like morons coming off the plane:

matching? really?

In our matching subway line t-shirts.

Grace, you were a pleasure to travel with. Even if - no, especially when - you looked like a total dork with me. 5/5, would do again in heartbeat. Thank you.

Thank you also everyone who came out to the airport! You really didn't have to, but it was super nice to see you all there.


If I have one thing that I take away from this trip, it's that America is great. I've always discounted it, thinking that I couldn't really be bothered, but I couldn't have been more wrong. You could spend a lifetime exploring America and never run out of things to be fascinated by. Americans are great, too. They are unfailingly polite and courteous, very friendly, genuinely patriotic, and nowhere near as ignorant or as bigoted as non-Americans like to stereotype them as.

Well done, America. You have changed my mind and won a friend for life. See you soon.

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