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20 August 201506:47AMmeta

tl;dr: some new web and email addresses. read my science blog. you do not need to change anything, continue to be rad.

So there are a couple of things which have changed around here which I should've already mentioned.

First: This blog has moved. It's moved to a subdirectory of my actual website, which quite frankly, is where it should have been all along. The only reason it wasn't is that my blog engine was rather poorly written, and couldn't actually do that. It's improved over the last almost-three years to the point where - totally because of miscellaneous other improvements - I realised it actually could.

There is some rewrite magic in place to redirect all previous links to It will even preserve permalinks to individual pages and searches and feeds and stuff. I don't anticipate that these redirects will ever stop working, but I guess just take note of the new address anyway.

This lets me do something else which I've meant to do for a while - convert the whole site to https, without having to buy two separate certificates. Which, as you can see from the little lock icon in your browser, I have now done. This is good for security and whatnot, but it's mostly because a lot of web services won't even give you the time of day without TLS, and this lets me play with all sorts of cool things like chat bots.

Second: I have a new email address.

I honestly thought I'd told everyone about this already a few months ago, and everyone was sick of it, and I was sort of shutting up about it. Turns out what I'd actually done is tell the same two or three people about it over and over, and this came as a surprise to pretty much everyone.

It's a pretty clever domain hack on my last name, which is why I was kind of gushing about it.

sorry about the image. gotta keep those spambots away though...

It's hosted with Fastmail. Which, yes, means I am paying for email like it's the 90s. Unfortunately, Microsoft and Google have both discontinued their free BY0-domain option, and if I'm going to pay some change every month I'd rather it was to a smallish Aussie company which might actually give a crap about my privacy. Plus, their webmail is so fast. Like happily shuffling 10 years of archives around in under a second fast. Like continuous, non-paginated scrolling through that archive fast. The extent to which Google does not care about their web interface is suddenly painfully obvious.

Anyway. As above, you shouldn't need to change anything. My old address(es) will continue to work, but the whole idea of this one is to have something that's not attached to a @gmail or @hotmail, that I can pretty much hang onto for the rest of my life regardless of what underlying service is powering it.

The third thing is: I have a science blog! I post to it very erratically. Mostly as practise, but we'll see where it goes. You should check it out. It's at

That was long and boring, but it sort of needed to be done.

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