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Suicide Burn

05 November 201504:23PMpaxtravel

I can't recommend the way I got to PAX this year.

That sentence feels like it should be followed up with a 'more', but it isn't. It doesn't quite deserve a 'less', because I can think of worse ways, but this was pretty bad.

I flew out at 5pm Perth time on Thursday, arriving 11pm Melbourne time, for an event that started at 10 on Friday morning. Probably not wise, but that's how the cheapest looking flights worked out.

That probably would've been okay, except that I was staying in a hostel. Specifically, United Backpackers Melbourne. And while everything about that hostel was perfectly adequate, it turns out I wasn't actually as good with hostels as I thought. Every other time I've stayed in one, I've been in a group big enough to dominate an entire dorm, or small enough to get a private room. This time there was just me, and 11 other American college gals and beefy chavs. None of whom were particularly subtle.

Needless to say, that was not a great night's sleep.

Anyway. Let's talk logistics, because I think I did pretty well and I want to record it for me to refer back to next time.

I managed to stuff everything into my trusty work/uni backpack, which was great. It's nice to have familiar pockets and know where everything should go. I mean, it's not like I have any other backpacks to use - my big pack is wayyyyyy too big, and the little detachable one that comes with it is wayyy too small.

I took (yes, this is boring - skip ahead if you like) clean shirts for every day, but only one pair of shorts, and took a gamble on Melbourne's weather cooperating. Which was a risky move, but hey - I was going to be in a lovely climate-controlled convention center all weekend. I managed to cram all that, plus a towel, plus a snack for when I got there, plus my laptop and charger, plus some dice. Because, y'know, gotta bring your own dice.

A couple of screw-ups, though. I switched out my sneakers for some which were better walking shoes (with actual soles and stuff) without thinking - and got a blister before I even left the airport. So that was a mistake. Don't do that.

My other big error would've been fine if everything had worked. I didn't bring a separate charger for my phone, expecting to be able to use my laptop. Except my laptop inexplicably died on the flight over, and refused to charge itself, let alone anything else. So I spent two days in low-power mode before I actually found time to buy a charger. And the charger sucked, so I spent the next two in low-power mode as well.

So, in conclusion: Always bring a backup charger. And always, always bring a book.


Tune in tomorrow when we talk about actual games.

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