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This Year In Selfies 2015

01 January 201607:45AMlife

So 2015 happened. A whole bunch of stuff happened in it, too.

That's right - it's time for This Year In Selfies MMXV

2015 kicked off with a kind-of-impromptu trip to Niseko, Japan, with my dad and brother.


Then there was the new job. Well, sort of new. More of a promotion. A sideways promotion, in that I don't get paid any more, but definitely cooler. This job fits me like a glove, and it's hard to believe I've been in it for just 10 months.


And then, right as I had settled in, and even less-planned trip to the US with Grace, inspired by a bagel.

new york



I donated blood 10 times...


...had an absolute ball...


...and got away from it all at a glorious property in Bindoon...


...where we made at least one new friend, Tancredi. He hates you. He loves you. Shut up.


And then, just to top everything up, I popped over to Melbourne for a casual 3 days of gaming convention fun times

pax aus

It's hard to top 2014 as a year packed with all the things, but 2015 came pretty close. It's been a blast. Merry belated Christmas...

pax aus

...and come at me, 2016!

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