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Lightspeed Delay

22 September 201607:46AMcoursework

So while we're all just sitting around here waiting for me to come up with something original, here's another interesting relic from my uni work:

Lightspeed Delay

It's a podcast. I have a bit of a confession to make: it was distressingly fun and easy to make. And, despite being a little overproduced, I think it came out pretty well.

The parameters of the assignment were to produce something that lasted pretty much exactly three minutes, and if you give it a listen, you'll see how I turned that into a classic example of limitations acting as inspirations. What the podcast wasn't quite long enough to feature, though, was that Mars and Earth have never actually been that close. "Almost exactly three" light minutes (3:02, to be precise) is just the theoretical minimum. The smallest observed signal delay between the planets was 3:06, in 2003. Most of the time though, they sit around 12-ish light-minutes apart.

I'm curious about how far you could take this concept, though. What other processes or phenomena take a very specific, roughly minutes-scale amount of time to happen? Would there be enough of them for a regular series?

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