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Talking to Mars

05 November 201607:13AMcoursework

What's the internet like on Mars?

(If you like raw data and sources, you can find 'em in the table at the bottom.)

high speeeed

For a while, NASA was actually planning a dedicated communications satellite for Mars, but evidently decided to just roll that in to MRO instead.

Let's not even start on the fact that NASA can download things from Mars faster than most of us can download a movie. And by download, I of course mean legally stream. And by faster, I of course mean downstream bitrate - the latency is still awful, and the process of sending data to Mars is slower than a tortoise running through molasses.

Spacecraft Arrival date Max Downlink Min Downlink End of mission Source
Mars Global Surveyor 11/09/1997 85 21 2/11/2006
2001 Mars Odyssey 24/10/2001 110 28 ongoing
Mars Express 25/12/2003 184 28 ongoing
Mars Reconaissance Orbiter 10/03/2006 6000 500 ongoing
Curiosity 6/08/2012 32 0.5 ongoing
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