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Six Fun Things to do with your new Fidget Spinner

14 June 201710:31AMthings

So you rescued a fidget spinner from the lost property box at work? Here's what to do with it.

Sanitise the heck out of it

Because seriously, it's from lost property. You have no idea where that thing's been.

it's like a tiny water wheel.

Spin it the wrong way

You know, it's not immediately obvious from the design of these things how you're supposed to spin them. If those outside bits had been just solid weights it might make a bit more sense. As it is they're bearings that you can't quite hold and that don't quite work when you try to spin using them.

questionable spinning technique there bud

Have an earnest conversation with a young person.

At this point, you should try to be approached by a kid. Any sufficiently hip youth will recognise you as one of their own, and make respectful eye contact. If they're bold enough, they may even strike up a conversation about how many spinners they have, and why they like them. Keep them talking for as long as you can. You may glean valuable insights into the current zeitgeist - or you may just be talked at for 10 minutes about their collection, and then challenged to see how fast you can spin. Both, perhaps, are equally valuable insights into the youth of today.

Film it in slow motion, just because you can.

I'm fairly certain that this has already been done, but what's the point of having a high-speed camera on your phone if you don't use it every once in a while.

120fps crushed into a 15fps gif. good job.

Investigate refresh(/frame/cycle) rates.

With those little holes in the bearings, you're basically holding a zoetrope. Or some kind of reverse zoetrope, perhaps, that takes seamless motion away from the things around you and shows you that the world you live in is a constant mass of flickering that you never sense. Bonus points if you noticed this on your own during #4.

yes, this was actually spinning

Recapture your misspent youth by re-enacting the hit TV series Beyblades

If you have a fidget spinner, and your friend has a fidget spinner… well, it becomes obvious pretty quickly that just about all you can do together is have a conversation about it, because there is no interesting way for two spinners to interact. There's certainly doesn't seem like there's any way for them to duel to the death, although if anyone has any suggestions on this front, please let me know.

two spinners enter. two spinners leave

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