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Magnificent Desolation

31 December 201701:01AMviking-raidtravel

It's quiet on the bus into Reykjavik.

Maybe it's the cold, maybe it's the dark, maybe it's the post flight drowsiness taking hold in a warm cabin, but for whatever reason, nobody feels like talking. The ones who do, speak in hushed tones, as if there's something asleep in the room with them and they don't want to wake it.

We're being ferried across a snow-blasted expanse, insulated so far from the cold outside but that somehow only makes it more apparent.

I can't tell what this piece of land would be during the day, or during the summer, but in winter, at night, it is a vast white plain dusted with dark rocks. It's just the road in from the airport, but it might as well be the surface of another planet.

Everything is bathed in a cold blue light as the sun sets. Mountainous, indistinct shapes loom in the distance on the right, while the encroaching dark is punctured by the lights of coastal towns and suburbs on the left.

It's much darker than I expected. In the time we've been sitting here, the sky has gone from navy blue to grey-black, and the moon glows hazily behind a smooth, even layer of cloud.

As the sky gets darker the lights grow brighter, and higher, and wrap slowly around us from left to right as we make what feels like a descent into the outskirts of the city itself joining a stream of commuters, headlights blazing, in both directions.

When we step off into the cold and dark it'll be real. Until then, it's not quite there yet.

Welcome to Iceland.

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