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Viking Raid 2017

26 December 201712:00AMviking-raidtravel

Hello friends, and welcome to Viking Raid 2017, a non-stop story of action and adventure on the high skies! We're about to begin on our voyage of daring and danger, but before we do, let me introduce you to our raiders:


Rockheim (aka Rockwell), our glorious leader and bard, and your gracious webhost.

 @rockym93 · ·


Leiflochson (aka Lochie), our fearless leader and captain of vehicles.

 @lochie_f ·  @lochief_f


Gracildur (aka Grace), our wise leader and keeper of the spiral-bound tomes.

 @isthisthegrace ·  @isthisthegrace

Viking Raid will be taking place from December 27th 2017, to January 20th 2018. We'll be visiting the Netherlands, Iceland, and Scotland. You can follow along right here on, or on all the hip new social medias listed above.

Regulars around here might have noticed that the comments thread has disappeared. This is because I'm very bad at writing code and the old comments system was both horribly insecure and a real pain to use. If you'd like to make comment, feel free to do so on aforementioned social media, or shoot an email to with your thoughts and I'll edit it into the post with a personalised response.

Thanks for joining us here at Viking Raid, and we hope you enjoy the ride!

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