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Emergent Joy

01 January 201804:17AMviking-raidtravel

you do you, man.

Normally I'd caption a picture like this with some kind of commentary about how fireworks are the definition of ephemeral, and that you should stop trying to capture them and live in the moment (man). I'm not going to do that though, because in this case the moment was about two hours long. And when the moment's two hours long, then by all means go for it. Do what makes you happy.

The New Years fireworks in Reykjavik are just something else. Grace says, "I don't know how to tell people about it. Because they think they've seen fireworks, but they're wrong."

emergent joy

If you've missed it somehow, there's no official fireworks display for New Years here. Instead, the fire and rescue service does a fundraising drive where they sell fireworks to anyone who has the Krona. And then, starting around 11:30pm, they set them off. And for the next two hours, the entire sky is like glittery popcorn in every direction.

glittering popcorn

There's no plan, and no schedule. They just go for it. In the darkest, coldest part of the world, in the darkest, coldest time of year, everyone says "screw it" and sets some shit on fire because it makes them happy, and the sky lights up with three hundred thousand spontaneous acts of celebration.

They go until they leave a cloud of smoke hanging over the city, and then they go some more. Because hey, they've been good all year, what with with all their renewable energy - they've earned it.

a pall of smoke

So that's how I started my year - on top of a hill, watching a bunch of crazy northeners set their sky on fire, just because they could.

And that seems like a pretty rad way to start the year. Do what makes you happy, guys. Happy New Year.

happy new year


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