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A Jolly Judgement

18 January 201804:00PMviking-raidtravel

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh is not, generally speaking, a difficult place to find a pub. It is, however, a mildly tricky place to find a pub that's not catering to tourists and/or people richer than us.

So without further ado, I'd like to present the blog's first pub recommendation: The Jolly Judge. It's in a close, down a scary-looking alley, which is always a good sign. Plus, they have an excellent selection of beers - and they're on Untappd

The really nice thing about rating all the beer you drink is that you're pretty much guaranteed to take a couple of photos with you and your mates every time you go out. I don't know about you, but I pretty rarely take pictures, even on the best nights out at the pub, so it's kind of nice to have something to look back on.

Unfortunately, I dropped my phone on a glacier back in Iceland, which killed the camera. Which is fine, because I had another camera with me. Except that camera is much nicer than the one on my phone, so it has a much shallower depth of field - especially when the aperture is wide open because you're in a dimly lit pub.

All of which is a really long-winded way of saying that I have some photos of us grabbing a drink in a Scottish pub with our mate from uni/high school/primary school on the opposite side of the planet to where we met - but because I was focused on the beer, he's, uh, sort of blurred out and has a glass in front of his face.

foreground: A glass of beeer. background: Liam, Lochie and Helena.

(We did get a pretty decent one of us all after climbing Arthur's Seat - the big hill in the middle of Edinburgh. So at least there's that, right mum?)

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