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People aren't dumb.

14 July 201812:00AMscicommrants

A science writing manifesto.

People aren't dumb
People aren't dumb.

a clock
They're efficient, but they aren't dumb.
(They care about their time, just like you.)

a monocle
They're discerning and/or picky, but they aren't dumb.
(They have specific interests, just like you.)

a venn diagram
They're differently specialised, but they aren't dumb.
(They've chosen a career, with its own knowledge and skills, just like you.)

And if they're motivated, they are 100% capable of learning all about a thing if they need to, or even if they just want to.

Your job as a communicator is to support that, because academic communication isn't designed to.

It's not that it's bad, it's just not fit for purpose.

an expert
It's not designed for use by non-experts.

a shiny
It's not designed for a competitive reading environment.

a smiley
It's not designed to tap into people's intrinsic motivation.

And that's where you come in.

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