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I write code for fun, and because it's useful to me. I don't expect it to be fun or useful for anyone else. If it is, though, feel free to get in touch with any questions, comments, or bug reports.

I program in a language called Python, which is often recommended for beginners. If you're interested in learning to read or write code like this, I recommend Learn Python The Hard Way if you're new to programming, or Learn Python in Y Minutes if you're already familiar with another language.

Unless otherwise specified, everything on this page is licensed under the MIT License.


Hot Leaf Juice

Hot Leaf Juice is the static site generator which generates this website. It's an exercise in metaphorical coding, where the process of building the site is like making a cup of tea.

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The source code is on  github, and the documentation is right here.



source code

ISSBot is a chatbot for Telegram which will send you flyover information for the International Space Station. You can find the source code here, but if you just want to talk to the bot, you can find it at @ISSBot on Telegram. You can find a little more about how to use ISSBot data to actually spot the space station in the blog post I wrote about it here.

The Inverse Timetable Project

source code

The Inverse Timetable Project began as a simple website listing when my uni friends were free in between classes, and grew to become a slightly more complex website, with a bot for the group chat, doing timetabling and event management.


source code

Blogtools is the previous iteration of software that ran this website. It supported comments and searching, which meant it wasn't exactly secure. I don't use it any more, and you probably shouldn't either.


I also post short snippets of code, with commentary, on my blog.