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Most of the coding I do is short, problem-solving snippets. Often more for my own amusement than anything else. If I think these might be interesting or amusing to anyone else, I usually post them under the code tag on my blog.

I have built a couple of larger things - mostly web toys and chat bots.

Point Mercurial at any of the repository addresses below to grab the source. Unless otherwise specified, everything on this page is licensed under the MIT License.

Documentation mostly exists as comments, and occasionally not at all. If you're trying to use or repurpose any of this code, feel free to contact me.


ISSBot is a chatbot for Telegram which will send you flyover information for the International Space Station. You can find the source code here, but if you just want to talk to the bot, you can find it at @ISSBot on Telegram. You can find a little more about how to use ISSBot data to actually spot the space station in the blog post I wrote about it here.


This is the engine powering aforementioned blog, called It's basically a Python module and a couple of CGI scripts that turn Markdown-formatted text files into a blog by way of some templates, and generally aims to stay entirely human-readable (and -editable) on the backend. It was at Google Code, but that closed down. You can now find it in a Mercurial repository right here.

The Inverse Timetable Project

The Inverse Timetable Project began as a simple website listing when my uni friends were free in between classes, and grew to become a slightly more complex website, with a bot for the group chat, doing much the same thing.