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Talks and Presentations

I've done some workshops and presentations, mostly on science communication. If you've been to one, or if you're just curious what it was like, you can find slides and recordings here.

What Arthur C. Clarke Got Wrong

The Laborastory - November 2017
Part of a science storytelling evening in Perth. I spoke about science writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke, what he got right, and what he got wrong.

Writing for people who aren't experts

Telethon Kids Institute - April 2018
A crash course in science writing for non-technical audiences, run as a workshop for early-career medical researchers.

So you're a better science writer - now what?

SCOM2208 Science Writing - May 2018
I delivered this guest lecture to my old science writing class. I tried to cover all the stuff I wish I'd known before starting freelancing.

#scicomm: science communication on social media

SCOM3321 Science In The Media - August 2018
A guest session for UWA science communication. We mostly talked about Twitter, and how to use it to network and find story leads.

A Very Human Endeavour: Does anthropomorphism belong in science communication?

Communicate to Inspire - June 2019
I presented my a session based on my thesis on anthropomorphism in science writing at the annual Australian Science Communicators WA conference.

The Science of Talking about Science

Scitech GT - October 2019
Presented to a crowd of a hundred or so gifted and talented students, this presentation took some common platitudes about presenting and looked at the science behind why they work.
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Interested in seeing one of these for yourself?

I've got a Masters degree in science communication, and years of experience delivering engaging presentations and training to all kinds of audiences.

If something you see above catches your eye - or if you've got something more customised in mind - shoot me an email at and we'll see what we can come up with!