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This is a selection of stuff I've written. You can find more on my blog.


The Australian Space Agency – where are we at? ​

4 July 2018 - Particle
Everything is kind of up in the air and moving very fast - but if you want to go to space, maybe that’s not such a bad place to be.

The Trouble With Rockets

5 January 2018 - Particle
Space is big. Really big. So if we’re going to get anywhere, we’re going to need more than just rockets.


Australia's getting a space agency - now what?

16 October 2017 - Particle
In which I chat with the Director General of ESA about what having a space agency means for Australia.

A Wide Field

August 2017 - Careers with Code US
Exploring the role of computer science - specifically, robotics and bioinformatics - in agriculture.

Tag Team

August 2017 - Careers with Code US
Meeting some kids who are building their own GPS enabled cattle tags.

Computer Eyes and Machine Learning

19 June 2017 - Particle
An intro to machine learning and Google's Deep Dream software.

Navigating GPS's Future

May 2017 - KnowHow Magazine & Online
Coverage of a new project by CRCSI and Geoscience Australia, which uses survey points to correct GPS signals and significantly improve positioning accuracy.

Students dive headfirst into robotics

March 2017 - Careers with STEM
I interviewed some seriously smart kids at a robotics competition about how and why they built their robots.

Amazing ideas for apps from tech girls

March 2017 - Careers with STEM
I had some fun making mockups of totally hypothetical apps dreamed up by some girls at a women in tech event.

Keep your eyes on the skies for fireballs

12 March 2017 - Particle
A piece about meteorites, how to catch them, and how citizen scientists can get involved.


Farming the Final Frontier

June 2016 - Coursework
Can you grow plants in space? How does that even work? And what does that mean for farming down here on Earth?

Sea turtles evolve to suit changing climate

April 2016 - Coursework
An interview with UWA's Dr Nicola Mitchell on how turtle eggs adapt to warmer temperatures.

New Weather Satellite Delivers for WA Forecasters

18 March 2016 - Science Network WA
Data from Japan's incredible weather satellite, Himawari-8, finds its way to rural Western Australia.


The Evolution of the Jindalee Operational Radar Network

20 February 2014 - Risk Intelligence Solutions / Engineers Australia
A recap of a talk by Dr Bruce Ward, engineer on Australia's most powerful radar system.

The CTD Program and Defence Innovation Opportunities for WA

14 July 2014 - Risk Intelligence Solutions / Australian Industry Defence Network
The Department of Defence is a surprisingly large source of research funding. Here's some of the stuff they've kickstarted.


A hive of activity at Scitech

May 2013 - Coursework
A beehive installed in a science centre makes for an excellent conversation starter about the future of insect-kind.


Occasionally, I also dabble in short stories.

Fiction Casual Fridays

From June to November 2011, I tried to write one short story every week. Very much inspired by Sam Hughes' Thirty First Drafts, itself inspired by NaNoWriMo. These are the results.

(Exactly why this exercise required its own blog is a mystery lost to time.)

Hello World! Fever Razor, Part 1: The Respondant Razor, Part 2: The Heist Astro-Franklining Paddy's Origin Story My Landlord is a Wizard Reflection The Pentagon Half Baked The Assassin's Lament Library Radio Silence Rite of Passage Pyramids Eyes on the road. Broken record The Dinosaur Dialogue

From my blog

How 'Red Riding Hood' Should Have Started
Shades of Grey
Ode to Facebook (A humourous poem.)
The Choice
Worlds of Words, or, How I met a beautiful woman at a party who showed me her basement full of universes.
Inverview with Shakespeare (For school, so it should be below, but for some unfathomable reason I put it on my blog.)
Getting High: A cautionary tale.

The Cube Chronicles

My first, and so far only, foray into the world of continuity. With time travel, no less. What a perfect combination.

The Tablecloth Under the Universe
"You only get to do this once"
Broken Record
The Dinosaur Dialogue

Never before posted

...until now. These are mostly stories I wrote for school. Just Pretend actually made it into my school's first annual fiction anthology, which was pretty cool.

Just Pretend
Everybody Knows
A Sense of Place

And just to throw you a curve ball - for reading this far down, here's the one piece of poetry I've ever written. It's called Perspective.