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Sci-fi shorts and other assorted fiction.

Fiction Casual Fridays

From June to November 2011, I tried to write one short story every week. Very much inspired by Sam Hughes' Thirty First Drafts, itself inspired by NaNoWriMo. These are the results.

(Exactly why this exercise required its own blog is a mystery lost to time.)

Hello World!
Razor, Part 1: The Respondant
Razor, Part 2: The Heist
Origin Story
My Landlord is a Wizard
The Pentagon
Half Baked
The Assassin's Lament
Radio Silence
Rite of Passage
Eyes on the road.
Broken record
The Dinosaur Dialogue

From my blog

How 'Red Riding Hood' Should Have Started
Shades of Grey
Ode to Facebook (A humourous poem.)
The Choice
Worlds of Words, or, How I met a beautiful woman at a party who showed me her basement full of universes.
Inverview with Shakespeare (For school, so it should be below, but for some unfathomable reason I put it on my blog.)
Getting High: A cautionary tale.

The Cube Chronicles

My first, and so far only, foray into the world of continuity. With time travel, no less. What a perfect combination.

The Tablecloth Under the Universe
"You only get to do this once"
Broken Record
The Dinosaur Dialogue

Never before posted

...until now. These are mostly stories I wrote for school. Just Pretend actually made it into my school's first annual fiction anthology, which was pretty cool.

Just Pretend
Everybody Knows
A Sense of Place

And just to throw you a curve ball - for reading this far down, here's the one piece of poetry I've ever written. It's called Perspective.