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Refraction Media Internship, March 2017

In March 2017 I spent a month at Refraction Media in Sydney, thanks to the generosity of the Elizabeth Ann Nicholls Travel Award. I've collected links to everything I did while I was there, although some things are still waiting on print publication before they appear online - I'll update this page as they come out.

Students dive headfirst into robotics

Online article - Careers with STEM
I interviewed some seriously smart kids at a robotics competition about how and why they built their robots.

Amazing ideas for apps from tech girls

Online article - Careers with STEM
I had some fun making mockups of totally hypothetical apps dreamed up by some girls at a women in tech event.

Navigating GPS's Future

Print article - KnowHow Magazine
Coverage of a new project by CRCSI and Geoscience Australia, which by using survey points to correct GPS signals will significantly improve positioning accuracy.

Get professional: Why you should treat your postgrad like a job

Print article - Postgraduate Futures 2017
Inspired somewhat by my own approach to my postgrad studies, this article outlines why it's better for you and your studies to show up regularly.

Which number are you?

Online quiz - Careers with STEM
Firmly in the 'just for fun' department, this was the result of me being given some creative freedom in response to "We need a maths quiz."

From code to plate

Print piece - Careers with Code USA
Showcasing the (sometimes unexpected) roles that digital technology plays in the food supply chain

Profile pieces

Writeups of individual researchers or entrepreneurs and the cool stuff they do:

Amy Vasallo

Floriana Salvemini (uncredited)

Rainer Kurz (uncredited)

On top of these glorious published articles, there was also a lot of gritty behind-the-scenes work. I did some editing and SEO, put together a bunch of background research, and pitched in with ideas at production meetings.

If you'd like to read more about what I learned, you can also read a reflection I wrote for Refraction on my time there. They're a pretty excellent little company, and if you have even the slightest interest in science writing or publishing I cannot recommend their internship program highly enough.