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Everything the light touches

Everything that hits the film, whether it's the heat from the cab of a car or a gentle toasting of X-rays from airport security, is part of the journey.


You kinda just have to hope that you've caught the moment you want to - either I got it or I didn't, I guess we'll see. It's hard to resist the urge to take a backup photo.


(Yes, I took three cameras on this trip, a phone, the RX100 and the Nikon film SLR. Ya boi has come a long way from the "phone alone" days. The Sony is really just for astro at this point, and the phone is for... everything else.)

You also don't end up spending ages fussing and trying over and over again though - the lack of instant feedback means you move on quicker


You spend a lot of time setting up and then waiting for the moment, instead of seeing the moment and grabbing the camera. You gotta decide in advance whether you want to try to catch this moment or not. Am I taking the camera? Am I getting it out? It's a more rigid delineation between having an experience and making a content.


I swapped to Ektar in Karijini. The 10-ish year old(!) Fuji I had loaded in the camera ran out right as we took a dip in a pristine pool. This was was my first speciality film experience, and honestly? Zero regrets. It was a perfect match for the colours, and look at how crisp everything came out. 10/10, would swap film rolls on a rock in the middle of nowhere again.


As always, it was a delightful time capsule experience sending the film in and picking it up. What I wasn't expecting was how much more appropriate a set of 24 or 36 photos is for actually sharing with people. Or, how much nicer it is to just be able to hand people the prints and let them leaf through them at their own pace. People actually wanted to look at my holiday photos. Some of that's down to novelty, and some if it's down to me having extremely patient friends, but at least part of it is, I think, that this is genuinely a more human-scale way to do photography.

Oh my god, my kids are going to look at some of these one day and think "jeez, dad".


Oh well. Cool that they'll have at least one of the same experiences I did, I guess.

22 September 2021, 06:30PM · #travel · #the-drive-back

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